Sexchatwith aunty Thursday July 13 2017The sky was moody and the grass the brightest of greens. The kind of green suburbanite fathers dream of for their yards. There was an afternoon storm blowing in and the blue sky was losing the fight to dark and expansive clouds but the lighting was perfect. So perfect. My two boys were running through an open field being the epitome of boys...running in no particular direction but Chase was walking straight towards me trying to herd the boys like they were sheep. Mountains were surrounding them the boys bellies full of pizza and the candy we treated them to from the toy store. Honestly I had to fight myself in the urge to grab my phone from my pocket and not capture it.But sometimes not often enough I take a deep breath and try to just drink it all in try to not miss a second. To memorize the moments that Im sure when Im old and grey I will think of fondly when I envision and retellofour family trips to the cabin. I wont sigh in frustration that they woke up with the birds and the dew at 5 am. I wont furrow my brow in defeat that they were almost always too excited to sit and eat meals. Well laugh about Knoxs trip to the ER instead of holding our brea

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