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Stainless steel or blued gun I injected it chemmed it up was made to inject my blood into it.The witness told the court he was disturbed by St Omer using the word it to describe the child.An undercover police officer known as Kev arranged to meet with St Omer on encrypted messaging service Wicker after being tipped off by the Grindr user.St Omer was arrested after he arrived at a pub to meet the officer and was caught with two grams of crystal meth GBL and chloroethylcathinone.Aaron St Omer 32 sent a string of sickening messages to a Grindr user saying he wanted to find a master who would make him rape kids Snaresbrook Crown Court heardHe has now been convicted of arranging a sexual offence against a child and drugs supply charges.Judge Louise Kamill remanded St Omer in custody ahead of sentence on March 19.Christopher Hewertson prosecuting said St Omer arrived wit