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Colombia free chat sex williamsport pa video chatPosted Wed Aug 10 2011 1131 pmProud to be aPosts 18815Location Living in a Facist stateConnecticut. My first double was a Baikal. 74 I think it was. It was a SxS fixed choke gun with extractors. Served me well for the 5 or 6 years I had it. Wish I had never sold it.It wasnt pretty. Kinda chunky. Sorta like a moped. Fun to ride but you dont want your friends to see you on one. I dont know much about the current Baikal guns other than they tend to generate strong feelings both ways here on SGW.I think they are probably an acceptable hunting gun for light use....especially the simpler ones.But if they cost 500 or more then IMO there are far better choices available. 2fewdaysafield. Huglu Drifter. Have Huglu Will TravelRobert E. Lees 200th birthday was 11907. I hope AP Hill takes that hill at Gettysburg in every dream he has. Freedom isnt free. 11B 54E20

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Bid day snapchat filter summer 1 a model XVII 172 a model XXIX C 29 C3 a model XVIII E 19 E Meisterwerk master pieceall three do have in common the features curved receiver ledge ejectors two screws one over and one under the cocking indicator. Look out for these TWO screws If two are present it has catch bars what makes the action desirable. And more valuable.In any case go for it. These are definitely the better Sauers. If it should be a Meisterwerk rich engravings dont hesitate a second. Rare and expensive.As far as the value is concerned well I dont have an idea what such a gun will bring in the US. In general Sauers are underrated. But I can tell you at least the prices of 1938 the images are from Sauers 1938 catalogModel VIII Sauers topseller at this time 230 RM ReichsmarkModel XVII 485 RMModel XVIII E 1100 RM and more depending on the grade of the engravings.You see If we take the models 8 price as a value for your vL D model 180 the XVII has double the value of yours. And this might be a help for todays market situation. To give you a better idea about the value of the Reichsmark and the Sauers respectively a Browning Auto 5 automatic shotgun was available for 155 RM in 1927. Carignan SalieresSorry for hijacking your thread. Back to your GecoRegarding the makers of the Gecos I have to correct my remarks. Seems Sauer wasnt the only maker of Geco shotguns. In Gecos 1927 catalog Geco shot

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